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There's a huge renewable energy transformation underway as the world acts on climate change. Will you be part of it?

Telling the story of Gippsland's energy transformation

One hundred years after the beginning of Latrobe Valley coal industry, workers and communities in Gippsland are preparing for a new energy system.

Through a series of interviews with key leaders in the region, Power On tells the story of the incredible energy transformation happening right across Gippsland, and how communities are seizing the opportunitiesĀ in renewable energy right now to build a better future.

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Marjorie Thorpe, Gunaikurnai Elder

"There's other ways to do things. If we're as smart as we think we are, human beings, we can find alternatives"

- Marjorie Thorpe, Gunaikurnai Elder

Wendy Farmer, Voices of the Valley / Friends of the Earth

"All of the outflowing jobs are created because someone had an idea to do something differently"

- Wendy Farmer, Voices of the Valley / Friends of the Earth

Tony Wolfe, Coal Worker

"Australia is so blessed with renewable resources, sun and wind, we're the envy of the world"

- Tony Wolfe, Coal Worker

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